The world of photography has become much more mobile since the introduction of the iPhone and Android devices with built-in cameras almost 10 years ago.  This made it possible to capture moments at any time and at any place.  Fast forward to today, advances in technologies and software have made it possible to take photos that rival many point-and-shoot cameras. In this guide, I’ll cover 5 tips and tricks to improve your mobile photography. Maybe make you the talk of the party!


#1 – Portrait vs Landscape


It’s common to take pictures using your in portrait mode (image on right).  We can attribute that to normal use of mobile phone for talking or texting.  But the optimal way to capture an image with camera app is to use landscape mode (image on left).  This will give more imagery to work with.  Same reason all movies in theaters are widescreen, matches our vision.


#2 – Rule of Thirds


This is not a set in stone ‘rule’ but something to consider when takin photos.  In a nutshell, place objects in the frame along the intersecting lines for more appealing imagery.  Many camera apps have this option in the settings.  Again, it the ‘rule’ can be broken but it’s great idea to understand it beforehand.


#3 – Perspective


Try to convey a sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in the photo, along with their dimensions with respect to the viewpoint.  Because we are viewing in 2D, perspective helps give a feeling of 3D. Almost like we are there.


#4 – Flash


It’s so easy at night to want to take a picture using the built-in flash on mobile devices.  Try not to use it!  Flash will detract rather than add to the picture.  In addition, the further away you are from object or subject, using the flash won’t make a difference.  Instead use the exposure setting in native camera apps available in most mobile phones.  For those of you who want to explore expert features, I recommend the following (fee based):


#5 – Creativity

This is the part you get to let loose! Be creative in the pictures photos you take. Have some fun. Capture images of your favorite collections, hobbies, or as in my case toys! The sky is the limit! Well I guess there is a limit based on the size of memory on your mobile phone.


IMG_1157       cropped-cropped-img_57291.jpg        IMG_0224  2016-03-22_140800000_F0243_iOS        IMG_4376


Next time you happen to take pictures with your mobile phone,  try a few of these tips.  Hopefully they can help you improve the quality of photos you take.


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